Meet Kirti, The Trusted Reiki Grandmaster from India

Can you please tell us what Reiki is?
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. 

People say that Reiki is not a science-based practice and it gives the placebo effect. Can you please tell us what is a placebo effect and whether what they say is correct?
I am not sure as I never thought of Reiki either as a non-science or as a placebo effect. Placebo effect is when someone says that you will be all right and your mind admits and you actually get well. In a placebo effect if a doctor gives you a sugar pill saying that it is a 100% cure for any of your problem, then your mind will accept it and your body will process itself to mend the illness. 

According to me, Reiki doesn't give a Placebo effect. A patient can actually feel the vibrations of energy. 

You neither feel the vibrations of the pill given nor the genuineness of the medicine in a placebo experiment.

Can Reiki cure any illness?
Yes, Reiki can heal any illness. Even Cancer was being treated in past with Reiki. 

Can you please give us a couple of references to your above statement?
My mother attuned a throat cancer patient {in earlier stage} into 1st Degree and she practised it regularly on herself. Her surgery, later on, was successful and she recovered faster.

What are the ailments that Reiki cannot heal?
It cannot heal a mind that doesn’t want to heal itself.

Can you please tell us a bit more on that?
Any Healing modality can help you when your mind allows to let it heal your body. No matter how desperate your soul is to heal any ailment in your body. If your mind orders that “I can’t Heal”, your body can’t heal itself. When we don't let our mind be the master then we will never be able to reach to the signs our soul sends us. And so, the mind don’t let our body heal.

Can Reiki be practised for self-healing?
Yes, Reiki is practised as Self-Healing and needs to be a part of Daily Practice.

For general physical and mental health, you mean? Just like going to a gym for a workout or doing yoga exercises daily to keep fit?
Yes, exactly. We need to practice Reiki each day. It helps in healing ourselves at Mental, Spiritual and Physical level.

How long have you been practising Reiki for yourself?
Truly speaking I do it on and off to myself but since my son was born, I am doing it to him daily.

Have you got cured of any illnesses using Reiki healing for yourself?
I can say that. I was diagnosed with minor thyroid and I healed it. I healed my sugar addiction to some extent and it’s a lifelong process. I manifested my son by keeping trust on Reiki and doing it to my womb {in addition to Law of Attraction}.

Can you say that you are a healthy person now that you are practising Reiki healing for yourself?
Reiki works on all the level Mind, Body and Soul.  It is a myth that Reiki healers never get ill. As we have to pay for our past karmas we get sickness and happiness accordingly. But yes daily practice keeps anyone free of negative energies and vibrations.

How long would it take for the healer to heal a Migraine, for example?
Actually, in any healing modality healer is a medium to bring the Life Force Energy to the patient. The energy heals a person according to the acceptance and belief of the recipient. Patient’s body and energetic vibrations decide how long will it take to heal them. But it helps instantly in pain relief when given for at least 15 to 30 minutes.

Do you say that those ailments that need surgery can also be cured by Reiki healing method?
If the ailment is at the primary stage and rarely need surgery at the moment then it can be cured. But the acceptance of energy and belief of the recipient is the healer in itself. 

Is Reiki a spiritual thing?
Yes, Reiki is Spiritual but not Religious practice.

Why did you learn Reiki?
I got attuned to Reiki 1st Degree in 2004 when I was 20 Years old. I didn’t know much, but I wanted to learn it as I read about Reiki somewhere on the Internet. I learnt it as I was curious about it and now it has become my daily practice.

1st Degree is the first level of the Reiki Course, I suppose. How many degrees should one have to complete to become a Certified Reiki Healer?
Yes. There are 3 levels mainly. 1st degree is Hands on Healing, 2nd degree is Distant Healing, the 3rd degree is divided into 2 levels. 3rd A is Master healer and 3rd B is Grand Master healer or Master and teacher certification.

Except for these main degrees a.k.a. levels there are much more which are created by different healers around the world.

Reiki level/Degree 1st and 2nd are enough for anyone to heal themselves and people around.

Are you a certified Reiki healer?
Yes, I am a Certified Reiki Grandmaster {i.e. master and teacher} since 2006.

You mean, one can become a teacher when they complete all the degrees of the Reiki course and then one has to do a master degree to become a Grandmaster. Is that right?
Yes. That is right.

Can Reiki be practised by anybody irrespective of their religion, gender and their nationality?
Yes. You just need attunements from a Reiki Master and Teacher who initiate you to Reiki.

Attunements and initiate? Can you please tell us more?
They are both the synonyms in a way. Attunement is to initiate or connect your energy field to the Universal Life Force. So, we sometimes use Attune and sometimes can use initiate. The initiate is to start something new.

Does Reiki enhance the mental stability as much as it enhances the physical state of being?
Yes, it helps in any mental issues as it treats the bodily issues.

Can Reiki healing be done to elderly persons and little children?
Yes, Age is no bar. My 65+-year-old Grandmother got attuned into Reiki 1st degree and she did Reiki to herself for recovery from a surgery later on. 

And I am giving Reiki to my 7-year-old son since the starting of my pregnancy.

Do you say that you gave Reiki energies to your son while he was still in your womb?
Yes, I used to do Reiki regularly throughout my pregnancy. And never had any severe pregnancy issues.

How do you think it has helped him and what differences do you observe between a normal kid and your son?
Although, we all come on this earth with some mission, purpose and our past karmas, but by doing Reiki to my child helped him to be more connected to the Universal Energy. And it strengthens our bond to a great extent. He has a few allergies since childhood but his body heal faster through natural remedies and medicines and Reiki.

I understand that Reiki can be practised for a quick recovery after any surgery. Is my understanding, right?
Yes, but not instant. The patient’s body takes some time but it heals faster than any other case.

I am a Yoga practitioner and I know that Yoga is a holistic healing method. Is Reiki also a holistic healing method?
Yes, it is one of the holistic healing modalities and was used by Lord Buddha himself.

Is Lord Buddha the founder of this healing method?
Although, healing through hands and words is an ancient modality in India. But yes, it is said that Buddha used to heal people.

What should I do if I want to become a Reiki Healer?
If you want to learn Reiki, then you need to find an authentic Reiki Master and teacher.

How can they be found?
the Internet is filled with a lot of information about Reiki healers, but if you want a list of healers and masters around you I recommend people to check  They have many healers and masters registered to their directory. There are many other websites. But I usually recommend this one the most.

Can Reiki be practised for long distance healing?
Yes, after the 2nd-degree attunements the healer can send Reiki to people at any distance, at any time and at anything on earth.

By anything, you mean to even immovable objects like mountains?

Which means you can send Reiki energies to help people around the globe because you said you are a Grandmaster?
Yes, because I am attuned to 2nd degree. Any person who is attuned to 1st and 2nd degree can heal anyone and anything around the globe.

Can you give us a little more information in this long-distance healing? Should the healer and the receiver be ready and aligned at the same time to connect through the mind? Since you said that the receiver should be ready to receive energies, then it is in the mind especially since they are not in the same place. Right?
The receiver and Healer both need to be ready for the healing to receive and give Reiki. A specific time is needed, but we can feed Reiki to reach to a person at any mutually convenient time. No time zone affects the Reiki energy and healing.

While I was surfing the Internet, I found that there are Reiki symbols that can be used during a healing process. Is it necessary to use the Symbols by a Reiki Practitioner?
Yes, they bring extra power to the healing. They are taught from the 2nd degree.

You mean the 2nd level of learning to become a Reiki Healer?

Do you use any Reiki symbols for healing?
Yes, I use all the Reiki symbols.

How many symbols are there?
The symbols are usually kept secret as they have no value for non-Reiki people. There are lots of Symbols used while healing through Reiki.

Even in the long-distance healing?
Reiki symbols once learned and attuned in a person while Attunements can be used anytime and anywhere.

Do Reiki practitioners have an association for them to address or discuss or help if any issues arise? 
Yes... But I am not a part of any such association... So don't know much.

I know a woman (whose identity I can’t reveal) said that she attended the full course of Reiki healing and it didn’t help her Migraines. What do you think would be the reasons? How many sessions are considered as a full course?
There is no full course or specific timing for healing. As I already said healing any ailment depends on the belief of the patient and their acceptance.

There can be different reasons for not getting cured:

  • Maybe the healer was a new practitioner and wasn't able to express the information about Reiki properly.
  • Maybe the person didn't believe the healer’s capability. {at higher level of her consciousness}
  • Maybe the patient wasn't sure if she is receiving the energy or not.

These are only a few assumptions. The real issue can be revealed by talking and understanding the mindset of the patient. 

If any of the readers of this interview would like to know more, how can they contact you?
They can check my website or contact me at 


For Your Growth :)
Uma Mahi.

An Interview with a Serial Entrepreneur, The Karpinter

Can you introduce yourself to our readers? 
I am Rajesh Bhandary. I run a furniture & furnishing store named Karpinter. I am an entrepreneur, a photographer and a person with a great sense of humor. 

How long have you been an entrepreneur? How did you become an entrepreneur?  
I am an entrepreneur for the past 14years. When I quit my job as an Area Manager from a leading furniture company I saw a lot of prospect in this field of business so I wasted no time venturing into it though I was 24 years old at that time. 

Did you have to convince your parents about this transformation, from an employee to entrepreneurship? How was their response to your decision? 
Yes, I had to. But I couldn’t convince them to till date. Because they feel that running a business is a very stressful job. So I started without their support. 

Was it your sole decision or you had friends who encouraged you to get into this furniture business? 
It was my sole decision. I have always been deciding things on my own. Either good or bad. If things fail I always accept my fault and take responsibility.

Is Karpinter your first business venture? 
No. It wasn't. Naveen Industry was my first business venture where we manufactured sofas, in Madurai. It was a partnership concern.  

What are the main factors that are to be considered before choosing any business? 
I would see the market for that particular product and the return on investment 

Are you the sole owner of Karpinter or is it a partnership business? 
It is a partnership business. 

How many partners are there in Karpinter? 
One apart from me.

What is the best business ownership in your personal opinion? Is it sole-proprietorship business or a partnership business? 
It varies from business to business /person to person. It also depends on the investment and profits. 

In your personal opinion, what businesses can be run by a single person? 
There are many businesses that can be run by a single person. Photography, website designing and any business that can thrive on the skills of an individual person can be run by a single person.

What personality traits of a person would you consider before making him your partner? 
Many. The two main things - I would see WHY he wants to do this business. And whether he has the patience to wait for the business to roll.

You said a business should be chosen after considering the investment and profits. Can you please explain us more? 
If the return on investment is too less, then either of the partners is going to lose interest in the business. So the returns should be good. In my opinion, splitting small profits among partners is not a healthy practice. 

How did you get into this business of making, selling and repairing furniture? 
Having gained great experiences in the furniture retail industry for the past 9 years I found that none of the retailers provides good after sales service for the furniture they sold. The reason is mainly because most of the furniture are imported from China and some are of poor quality. So providing an after sales services are either difficult or very expensive. So I found a great business opportunity in the after-sale service of furniture retail industry and I set up a service centre for furniture. And it is running very profitably. 

Would you be willing to guide someone if they want to start a furniture business like yours? 
Sure! I have roped in a lot of people into furniture business and been a mentor for some. I would really be happy to help. 

How would you like them to contact you? 
They can contact me at 

How is your business journey so far? Tell us the story, please  
It has been a fantastic journey so far. I have learned a lot from this entrepreneurial journey.Learned about life, about people, about relationship, finance, etc 

I started my business with just 25,000 rupees. I quit a job where I was paid 40k a month, to pursue my passion. It was a struggle to start off with. It took us (me and my partner) 2 years to break even. 

Are you talking about your first venture, the Naveen Industry? 
Naveen Industries was a factory in Madurai. Elita was my first furniture showroom in T.Nagar, Chennai to display the products that we manufactured. It was a great success. Money started coming in. After 2 years we had to close the store due to financial losses/bad debts.

You said it was a great success and money started coming in. And then you had to close after 2 years. Would you be willing to share your mistakes that you did with our readers? It could help a business person to avoid doing those mistakes. 
There was a major change in the market that we didn't expect. We failed to keep up the changing trends in our furniture models. We weren’t able to provide something unique to our customers.

During that period I was offered a business opportunity by a friend that wanted to get into the retail industry. We started our store in Velacherry in the name of Deccan Furniture. It was running successfully. The lessons that I learned from my past mistakes helped us to open 3 more branches in the city. We ran those stores till 2014. There was a steep increase in  the space rentals and lot of furniture stores sprung up all over the city and the competition was too high that we had to wind up our business and end our partnership. 

Do you feel sad about the way it ended? 
No, I don't. I knew this is always a part of the game.

Do you think you could have done things differently to still stay in the furniture retail business? 
I don't think I could have done anything differently to stay afloat. The changing trends were very fast. So, I decided to take time out. I took a break.

How many years did you take a break from your entrepreneurial journey? What did you do during that time? 
I took a break for one year. I  had a passion for candid photography. So I started a company called "Clicks n Flashes".

I have clicked 20 weddings, over 15 birthday parties and loads of kids' portraits along with other events in a span of one and a half years. Parallelly I set up a small office at Keelkatalai for my KARPINTER business which was in its budding stage. I wasn’t making any money from KARPINTER then but I was willing to wait since I had believed that there was still scope in the furniture business.1 year after Karpinter started to function, we set up a small touch n feel store at Harrington road. It has been a rollercoaster ride for me but I truly enjoyed the journey. 

Would you mind sharing a couple of experiences from the rollercoaster ride? Your experiences may help others as well. 
When I went into financial losses I had hardly few people to support me at that time.That was the most difficult situation and getting out of it.

So, you mean it was very difficult to clear the remaining stock? Was it very difficult to pay the rents? Was it very difficult to handle customer queries? Was it very difficult to pay your employees? 
Clearing stocks wasn’t an issue but paying rents and salaries were tough.

And you found that nobody was willing to help you come out of that financial crisis! How did you feel during that period of transition?   
I felt very low. I just couldn't concentrate on anything. I felt very lonely.

Do you think that there should be a back-up for your kind of business or any business for that matter?  
Yes, Definitely. Because business trends keep changing. It is tough to run a business for 25 or 50 yrs now. The is always changes in the market within a span of 5 years. Products keep changing. So every business owner SHOULD have a backup.

 Don't you think an experienced Business owner should be able to make a forecast about the changes? So that he can safeguard his business from any loss as well as keep his business floating along with the changing trends?  
In any business, things keep changing very fast and we, the business owner should be financially sound to adapt ourselves to counter those changes.

What word of caution would you like to give to a new entrepreneur?  
Don’t listen to other people's words. Keep a watch on the market, ALWAYS. Choose a business that you are an expert in. Make sure to have control over any sudden changes/ difficulties.  

What is most important trait an entrepreneur should have in your opinion? 
Never give up attitude. Honesty. Faith in the good quality customer service. 

Is it easy or very difficult to set up a business like yours in this city, Chennai in India? 
It is easy provided you have adequate knowledge and funds. 

What knowledge should one have to set up this business? And how much should one has in his pocket at the starting and for the back-up? 
One should have a good knowledge in accounting and marketing. I would say 60% from his pocket and the balance can be borrowed funds. Starting a business with 100% borrowed funding will end in a disaster.

How do you choose the brands for your furniture showroom? 
I chose the brands depending on my past relationships with those companies and their reputations. 

Imagine if one is new to the business, then what should one consider to choose the brands?  
Marketing. Reputation. Reference.

Do you find enough time to spend for yourself and for your family when you run this business?
Yes, I do. 

How could a busy person like you can take time off from his busy schedule of running a business? 
IF we have the right people to do the right job then you have no job. 

Are you talking about your employees? Partners? 

How do you choose your employees? What qualities should one have to work in a furniture company like yours?   
Business can be taught but dedication cannot be taught. I choose persons who are dedicated and fire in their belly to grow in this field.

Did your business take you to places that you wished to visit?  
Yes, it did. I love travelling. So I enjoyed my business trips.

Which places did you visit? Did your visits help your business? 
My business took me China and Malaysia to look for new opportunities. Every time I went to China, I gained good knowledge in manufacturing techniques, new products and designs. 

Visiting China was an experience that cannot be forgotten. I like their culture, people were very friendly. It is so amazing to see the way they handle competitions in business. I have learned many business tricks from Chinese business owners. 

How do they handle competitions? What was that you learnt that could be implemented here in India, to handle competitors? 
This is what I learned - Saturate your area first, earn a reputation for yourself and for your brand. Keep your eyes wide open for new products and technology. Social media marketing is a must 

Thank you so much for your time. We wish you to have a very successful business at Karpinter and Clicks n Flashes.

For Your Growth :)
Uma Mahi.