Meet the Lover of Arts and Crafts - Christina Ranjan

Can you make a small intro about yourself? 

Hi, I am Christina Ranjan. I am a native of Nagercoil (Kanyakumari district) but settled in Chennai since early childhood. My brain child is Christina’s Art Studio (the best place to learn art and craft courses). I am a visiting lecturer by profession. I teach Interior Design in most of the Design schools in Chennai – Loyola college (LIVE), National College of Design (Allagappa University), INIFD Academy of Interiors (Annamalai University), Spaceterior and National School of Design. Since 2014, I am being invited to teach Calligraphy for BDes Fashion Communication at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Chennai. I completed my schooling from C.S.I. Bain School and was the State First Rank Holder of Tamil Nadu for the subject Psychology – Standard XII Board examination. I am a very confident, artistic and an extroverted person.  I love to do anything related to Visual Arts and Crafts, reading Mills and Boon and listening to music. I was a Sax-a-phone player. I love pets; I have two cats (Catty and Brownie) and a dog (Doggy). 

When and how did you discover your fondness for art and creativity? 

Since my childhood, I am very much interested towards anything that involved drawing, colouring, painting and crafts. My parents always motivated me and arranged a qualified and an experienced tutor to take my interest to the next level. It was only during that time (when technology wasn’t available) I started to learn various visual arts in a structured manner which enhanced my creativity. Anything that is handmade also has an emotional attachment. As time progressed, my quest for learning arts and crafts have developed and it has bloomed as my passion for the rest of my life. 

How did you get into this profession of teaching artworks? What is your story? 

Teaching was my ideal profession. I had a strong urge to teach various arts and crafts such as Calligraphy, mixed media, cushion making, terracotta jewellery making, pencil sketching and rendering, pen and ink rendering, glass and fabric painting and other crafts that I had learned since childhood.  Christina’s Art Studio was started to teach arts and crafts in a well-structured manner exclusively to women and children. It offers flexible timing and courses are taught in a short duration with complete hands on practice along with individual attention. Art is for everyone if you are passionate about it.  

How long have you been running Christina's Art Studio successfully? 

Since 2014, I have been running Christina’s Art Studio successfully by the grace of the Almighty God. 

Which woman business person has influenced you? How did they change the way you run your business? Have you met them in person? 

Honestly speaking, I don’t have any business person who has influenced me. I strongly believe that I am unique in my own ways and style of managing my business and taking it to the next step in a steady manner. 

What would be your one important tip/suggestion/ advice that you would like to give to an aspiring creative person?

 “Follow the desires of your heart and listen to your mind”, So that your creativity would follow in the right direction.  

What is the best and worst decisions you have ever made in your professional journey? 

The best decision in my life is Starting "Christina’s Art Studio”. I don’t want to disclose few decisions that had turned out to be the worst. Certainly, I am glad and proud of those decisions too, as it has moulded me to be the person I am.  

Can you share two of your memorable class experiences? 

I learn many things from every student as they learn the art from me because I get people from various walks of life – journalists, doctors, yoga instructors, teachers, IT professionals, architects, teachers, graphic designers to mention a few. All together I get a wonderful and positive experience.

I can mention about my experience with my advanced calligraphy student Mrs Jennifer Arul, a former TV correspondent from Chennai. She is presently a board member of The Media Project, King’s College, New York. She is a diligent student who does all her homework on time. I admire her.

I am so happy that people come all the way from the Union territory of Pondicherry and the district of Erode to learn arts and crafts from my Studio. 

What is the best part of being a woman art studio owner? 

I feel Empowered. I can aid every woman to de-stress themselves from the day to day tensions through art and craft.

What makes you happy?

Job satisfaction coupled with high level of assured quality and dedication makes me happy. 

Where they can find out about your new classes, if any of our readers are interested in joining?

They can visit the Courses menu of my website and choose the art classes of their choice. 
I have given a list here for their ready reference:

Do you conduct any online classes?

Not now. But am planning to start coaching online shortly. I will keep your readers updated about it.

This video was recorded more recently. And I think this is how I can do my online classes.

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