How to market your business with no money

In this article, am going to show you how you can actually market your business online without spending any money from your pocket.

If you are a small business owner and if you don't want to spend any money building your business online, then consider the below options to market your business online.

I am going to list out some of the major websites and explain how you can use them to promote your business online.


Blogging is an easy way to market your business to the world. It is free and all you have to do is to spend a little time every day to publish an article about your business, about your customer experience, about your challenges etc.  If you are new to the Internet and if you want to know how to create a new blog, don't worry. I am going to help you to create a new blog with step by step instructions soon. Now let us see the next free way to market your business.

7 Easy steps to create a new blog

Facebook Business Page

Do you have an account on Facebook? Am sure you do. You can create a Business Page for your business or services on Facebook. It is free. You can post real-time business activities with photographs on your Facebook Business Page. You can also make a video of your business and share it. You can also share your blog posts on your business page. 

How to publicize your business on Facebook


Having a profile for your business on Twitter is free. And sending business tweets to your followers is free. This tool keeps you connected with your existing and future customers 24/7. This is a great tool to send your real-time business updates and timely announcements to your followers.


If you would like to connect with new business owners, advisors, consultants to grow and expand your business, this is the best website I would recommend. Having a profile is free and connecting with other business owners is free. Sharing your blog post in this website is free. Sharing your business updates is free. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, create a profile in LinkedIn and start making connections and grow your business.


If you are running a business that involves creativity then this is the best website that I recommend you to use to promote your business. This website is best for those business owners whose products are to be showcased to the customers to entice them to investigate more on the product. No, I didn't mean other business owners can't make use of this website. You will find businesses ranging from Internet Marketers to Carpenters promoting their business on this website. Creating a profile in Pinterest is free. Sharing your business posts and blogs are free. 

Free Websites

Do you know that you can actually build a website on the Internet for free? If you wish to have a website for your business, but don't want to spend money then there are companies that offer tools to build your website for free. You can use the available free website builders to build your own websites. 

Now, you know how easy it is to market your business online using no money. If you want to know how to create a new blog, how to use facebook and twitter to promote your business and a few names of the website builders, then read below. 

How to create a new Blog

So, the first one I mentioned was Blogging. Here are the step by step instructions to create your new blog. If you are not able to follow the instructions then please feel free to write to me. I will be more than happy to help you to see your blog up on the Internet. And please don't forget to share your blog link in the comments. 

How to promote your Business on Facebook

As promised, here are the 5 easy steps to publicise your business on Facebook  If you want to take a look at one of my facebook business pages, then here is the one for the business owners in Chennai. 

How to use Twitter for your business growth

And now Twitter. This is how you have to Use "Twitter" to grow your business without spending any money. You can follow my Tweets here.

Free Website Builders

Some of the free websites builders are WIXWEEBLYYOLA, and STRIKINGLY . 

Last month I interviewed a budding photographer, the owner of Saiswe Photography from Chennai, India. She has built her website on Weebly. You can see the link for the website at the end of this Interview.

There are more free tools to promote your business online. I have only given the major websites for you to get a hands-on experience to create a profile and maintain your business presence online.


For Your Growth :)
Uma Mahi.

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