5 Easy Steps to Publicize your Business on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used Social Media Platforms by small, medium as well as big businesses  to grow their clientele. Either you are a small business owner, individual entrepreneur or a big business owner and if you are looking up to social websites to build your clientele, then you must consider leveraging Facebook.

Here are the 5 easy steps for you

Step1: Create a Fan Page for your Business

Having a Fan Page is like having a virtual business place. Don't worry if you don't have any technical knowledge, because building a Fan Page is very easy. For the beginners, you can use all the contents of your website or your blog to build the Business Page. Even if you don't have a website or a blog, you can still create a Fan Page. Just give it a try by clicking on the link below. If you need my help, then please write to me.

Click here to start building a Fan Page for your business.

If you need some inspiration I have given a few links for you.

Saiswe Photography
Chithoo Jewels
Her Choice
Snap Style

Step2: Keep your Fan Page active

Having a Fan Page without any activities would project a bad impression of your business. Keep your Fan Page active by sharing your articles, your blog posts, images of your work etc. You can also post the news and recent developments in the outside world that are affecting your business. If you want to get more Likes, Shares, and Comments, then you need to share other Page's stories also. You can share the business activities of your peer group, your teammates, your colleagues to show your support. Click here for more information "How to keep your facebook business page active"

Step 3: "Like"  and Get "Like"d  

Search for your potential clients using the "keywords" that complement your profession. For example, if you are a carpenter, your potential clients would be "realtors", "builders", "building contractors", "apartment owners" etc. "Like" their Business Pages to show your support. You will also get the updates of their business activities in your news feed. So it would be easy for you to respond to their posts and messages that are relevant to your business. Search for the experts and business influencers in your field and "Like" their Fan Page. Share their posts and business announcements in your Fan Page by tagging their fan page to the post. This would reflect in their Fan Page and eventually your Fan Page will get a "Like" from them.

Step4: Become a member of the local Business groups

Search Facebook for your local businesses /commerce groups that would be benefited from your product/and or services. Become a member of those business groups. Participate in the Group activities. Contribute to the growth of other business owners of the group. It would eventually help for your business growth. And keep them informed about your Business activities by actively participating in the events and meet-ups.

Step5: Engage your Fans

Respond to your Fan's comments and queries immediately. Giveaways and quiz are the most interesting activities to keep your Fans engaged. Learn the interests of your Fans. Create contents based on their interests and share them on your Fan Page to get more engagement.

Here are more ideas and tips to build customer relationship online,

If you are a digital marketer and if you think that I have missed something here, then please post in the comment. And yeah, please do not forget to share your Fan Page link in the comment. Thanks for your time.

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