Interview with a Wedding Gown Designer - Pramila Antony of Snap Style

Can you give a small intro about yourself?

Hello, I am  A.Pramila. I grew up in Mumbai and settled in Chennai after my marriage. I have 2 kids.  My daughter is studying in 9th standard and my son is studying in 2nd standard.

How did you get into this profession? What is YOUR story?

I love creativity and am a very creative person. Stitching was my hobby before my marriage. After my children grew up I found a lot of spare time at home. I didn’t want to go out and work in a 9 to 5 job. I wanted to do something on my own. So I decided to pursue my hobby. I completed my Fashion Designing course in Chennai and then started my business of designing dresses at home. I distributed pamphlets in my neighborhood. Put up only one Advertisement Banner outside my home to introduce my business to people. Thus, my hobby became my profession. 

How long have you been designing dresses for women?

For the past 4 years. I have become a household name for designer dresses to my friends and relatives. :-)

What type of a person can become a dress designer? 

Only those who have a creative mind can survive in this business.

Which woman business person has influenced you? 

My mom and my grandma were my inspiration. I have seen them designing dresses right from my childhood.

Would you like to share your favorite dresses that you have designed, with your readers?

A Designer Blouse
Designer Blouse by Pramila Das, Snap Style

A Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown by Pramila Dass Snap Style

What would be your one important tip/suggestion/ advice that you like to give to an aspiring business woman?

You can start small. But when you pursue it with honesty and sincerity it would definitely grow bigger.

Has this home based business affected you in any way?

I am a soft-spoken person. As a business owner, I always believe that customer is always right. But one customer-experience have changed that. A customer placed an order for a Wedding Gown. When it was finally made and ready to deliver, I found that I was fooled and cheated. I don’t want to go into the details. But now, I have become a much bolder and a stricter business woman now. 

How do you feel when you look back?

I feel really proud that I set up a small business in a new place. And that I can 
actually see a growth in my clientele. My family has never missed me.

I love my business :)

Snap Style,
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