How to Run an Online Jewelry Business

If you are a first time visitor of my blog and if you want to know who Durga Devi is then please read this blog post before reading the below interview.

In this interview, I asked her a few questions about financial investments, online customer experience, online customer interaction, tips to store the jewelry etc.,

How much one should invest to start this business online?

Initially, one can start from Rs.1000.00 to Rs.2000.00. Once you start getting orders, you may need to spend more to fulfill your orders before the final payment from the customer.  
How many designs should be made ready to show to the customers first, when you introduce your business for the first time online?

I suggest making 5 to 10 models ready in each category of jewelry. Only when the customer finds something attractive new designs with a reasonable price tag, would they contact you to give orders

From where do you buy those decorative items for your jewelry?

I get all my stock from different shops in Parrys Corner. If there is an emergency or urgency then I get it online.

Do you buy any specific brand of items from Parrys Corner for your jewels?

No, I don’t look for any particular brands. I just look for the quality of the items. Sometimes I go by the customer’s feedback.

Which online store would you prefer to shop?

I don’t buy my stuff from any specific online stores. I am a member of two Facebook Groups namely Silk Thread Creations and Silk Thread Jewellery. Both are closed Groups. I post my requirement in the group and I buy from the best bidder.  

How exactly do you prepare a design? Would you draw a design on a paper or a cloth before actually start making the jewelry?

No paperwork at all. I do all the design in my mind. The creativity starts flowing when I start working on a design. I usually get ideas when I start to work on a design. I don’t preplan a design. At least not yet.

How do you choose the colors? Do you go with your client’s instructions or with your intuition?

I mostly go with the color preferences of my customers. Some customers give me the freedom to choose my own colors. At that times, I choose the most liked colors such as Pink, Blue, and Red.

Imagine if you are going to design a bangle for a lady’s wedding, what are the main questions would you ask the lady?

When a customer say that it's for her wedding then I show my Bridal Collections as well as other new models. If they don’t choose any bangles from my collections, then I would ask for the design of their choice. I would also give them my suggestions about how would their choice look with their wedding dress and with other accessories. I always leave the choice to them unless they ask for my suggestions specifically. I also make sure to know what kind of design they would like and not like. For example, some like geometrical designs and some prefer floral designs.

Would you try to change the thought or idea of a client if she chooses a design or the color that doesn’t compliment other attires such as the color of the dress or the color of their scarf etc?

Yes, I do. And it has always ended up with both the parties happy and satisfied.

Have you ever handled tough customers yet? What was your experience with them and how did you handle them?

Oh yes, many times. I come across customers that keep bargaining and ask for the lowest prices. I usually explain to them politely that the price is always reasonable compared with the effort I put to bring the jewelry to the market. Some would still want to negotiate. In that case, I would simply let that customer go.

Have you come across a client that gave you specific instructions on design and colors and that it has all gone wrong?

It has happened once. When I showed her the design with colors that she wanted, she didn’t like it. And then she didn’t mind telling me what exactly she wanted and letting me do it all over again. She liked this second product. That was a happy ending. That was a new experience. :)

Since you are doing an online business, where do you store your jewels and how do you store them so that they don't lose their quality and shine?

These jewels should not be kept in the open. They should be kept inside closed boxes free from dirt. Else they would lose their shine and brightness. I store all my jewels in my room in airtight boxes.

What should a customer do to keep their jewelry safe so that they don't loose their brightness, shine and color?

Store it in airtight boxes. If you don’t have one, then put inside an airtight plastic bag and store the bag in a dirt and water free zone.

What are the things they should avoid if they want to use the jewelry for a longer time?

Since these jewelry are made of thread, they should avoid using it underwater. I suggest them to remove the jewelry and store in a dirt and water free zones when they wash their clothes and utensils.

Where can a customer see your pieces of jewelry and how can they buy from you?

I have a facebook business page for Chithoo Jewels. I keep it updated with my new models and new product introductions.

Can you show some of your new designs to your readers here?

Yes. Here they are. 

Some of the Bangles of Chithoo Jewels - Adults Collection

Some of the Danglers of Chithoo Jewels

Some of the Danglers of Chithoo Jewels - Kids Collections

Some of the Bangles of Chithoo Jewels - Kids Collections

If they want to see the entire product lines then they can visit my Business Page. If they need any information on the products then they can send me a message in Whatsapp 080159 34785 or FB Messenger. I would reply them asap.

Are you open to teaching/ training other women to make jewelry?

Oh Yes! I would be more than happy if I could help someone by passing the skills that I have learned.

Durga Devi

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