How to Keep Your Facebook Business Page Active

How would you feel when you visit a Facebook Business Page and find the most recent post dated a month back? Won't you feel that either there is no business activity for so long in this place or the business owner is not so interested in keeping the visitors informed about the professional activities of the business? What would be your conclusion? Will you be interested in coming back and visiting the Page again? Will you be interested in doing business with them?

In contrast to that, how would you feel when you visit a Page that is buzzing with a lot of activities? Won't you want to become a part of that activity? Won't you be interested in knowing what actually all the buzz is about? You would. Right? Then that is what a visitor of your Business Page should feel when he or she visits your Page.

There are businesses vying to get the attention of the visitors. When someone visits your business page and see it active with posts announcing the recent developments and new products releases and updates, then they would naturally tend to go through the posts, read the announcements and contact you if they find something that they came to your business page looking for.

Inactivity in a business place means that either the business is dying or there is no business for so long. At least, that is what would be the perception of a visitor when he or she don't see any recent activity in your Facebook Business Page. You wouldn't want your fan page visitors to feel that. So keep it active by posting updates on your Fan Page regularly. Fan Page is like your virtual business space for Facebook Users.

If you are wondering how to keep your fan page active, then go on and read below.

Showcase your products as often as possible

Look how Shabnam Creation - Quilling Paper Jewelry business page is active with their updates almost every day. They have shared their beautiful pieces of jewelry. Fans have liked them, posted their appreciation and asked for prices. So keep posting your products regularly to evince an interest in the new visitors of your Page. And you will get repeated and regular visitors when you keep updating your business page regularly.

Share your business activities

Your facebook business page would look fresh and interesting if you share online as well as offline business activities of yours such as meetings with your clients, your experience with a vendor when you purchased a material for your product or an article that you have written about the importance of using/choosing your products, your own customer experience etc. Showcasing just your products all the time might make your fans lose interest.

Post Quiz, Contests and Giveaways

Make your virtual business place interesting to your fans by posting quizzes, contests and giveaways. I can assure you would see a new flurry of activities on your fan page. Look how contests and giveaways are performing in this business page - Quiz Clothing and UNiDays. You will get some ideas for your own business contest, quizzes and giveaways that you could host on your Business Page. 

Share Videos on your business page

Facebook has set the videos to autoplay when a user scrolls their newsfeed or visit your Page. Videos have always been the best marketing media for any business. So make a video of your business and share it with your fans to make a one on one contact with them. You don't have to be an expert in videography. You can make videos right inside the timeline of your Fan Page. All you have to do is to choose 5 to 6 photographs of your products and create a slide show that would run as a video on your fan page once it is published. Isn't that amazing? Look at the screen shot that I have given below for your ready reference. Earlier building a Photo Carousel, Slide Show and Canvas was only available for the Facebook Ad users. Now Facebook has rolled out this feature to all its Page users. Make use of this amazing tool and keep your fan page active and interesting.


For Your Growth :)
Uma Mahi.

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