All You Need to Know About Air Conditioners

What details would you want from a customer to give them a clear guidance?

We would primarily want the size of the room if there are any east facing windows, and if there is a floor or open terrace upstairs.  Based on the above parameters, one can decide the capacity of the air conditioner unit.    

Can the currently installed ductwork be used (if any)?

The duct can be used, provided it is not too old or damaged and if it is okay for the present installation set up. 

Are air conditioners efficiency rated? Can your customers expect a decrease in their utility bills?

Definitely. More the stars, better the rating. Between a 3 star which can be used in places where there is an 8 hr running, and a 5 star that can be used for more than that and in commercial cabins.There is a Saving of 20% on electricity consumption.

However, there are also inverter air conditioners which save power. Inverter air conditioners reduce the wear and tear of the motor and compressor which run continuously at variable speeds depending on the heat load in the room.  They save up to 40% electricity.  

Is there a correlation between the energy efficiency and the product price of a system?

Not necessarily, but a good system can be a little expensive.

What brands do you offer, and why do you prefer those brands?

We primarily sell Daikin. We are Sales and Service Channel partners of Daikin. The product is good in terms of energy efficiency and support from the Company is quite good.

What kind of support do you get from the Company?

Technical support at the site and also most importantly spares. It's a system driven company so procurement of spares is quite easy

What are the payment terms?  Does your company or the manufacturer offer to finance?

There are schemes, but we prefer down payment.

What kind of guarantee does your company make on the installation? What is the guarantee on the unit? Is a service contract included or available?

The unit has a warranty of one year on the system and additional four years on the compressor.  However mishandling or repairs that are undertaken by unauthorized persons makes the warranty claim null and void;  There is a service contract that includes (or excludes) spare parts. The customer has the option to choose whichever.

What is the timetable for the installation, from start to finish? Do you haul away the old unit (if any), and is that included in your fee? Is clean-up included and will the work area (ductwork, walls, flooring) be finished as they were before the work commenced?

Usually, a room air conditioner takes about 5 to 6 hours to install. The old unit will be hauled at a nominal charge. Cleaning of the floor will be done. About the walls, the customer will be informed to do the final coat of painting after the installation of the air conditioner. In occupied homes, we will ensure our staff use gloves to prevent dirtying of the working area of the wall.

Can the system be used for dual purpose such as cooling as well as heating

There are systems that can be used for heating and cooling.  But right now in Chennai, we have cooling systems.  We can get specialized cooling and heating systems too.  In very cold places in India, there are such systems that are being used.

When does a customer know it's time to replace the existing system?

The customer will know when the system is too old; he will also know if the system has been corroded and the coils damaged or if there is frequent gas leakage.
How does the air quality from the system affects the health of the users? How can it be prevented?

This is a very important aspect in an air conditioner.  The indoor air quality will be very poor if the system is not serviced regularly.  People get breathing problems and chest congestion if the air conditioner is not serviced because there can be fungal or bacteria formation in the filter because of the dampness.   We have a technique where we completely water wash both the indoor and outdoor units in a split air conditioner once every year during the AMC without bringing down the system.  This is a unique concept of ours and it has been received very well by our clients.

How often should a system be cleaned to maintain the efficiency?

Ideally, an air conditioner needs to be serviced once every three to four months.  It prevents damage of components and also, cooling is good and there is energy saving also.

Are there any tips and tricks that you would like to share with the readers?

Use your air conditioner regularly. Run it at least for about half an hour three times a week so that the motor does not get damaged.  Maintain it well to save energy and also to have good indoor air quality.

Switch off air conditioners not only with the remote but also the main power supply because this saves you a lot of energy. You save at least Rs.2000.00 a year when the stabilizer is switched off because the stabilizer also draws power. Most of us don't realize this fact.    

Are you willing to answer any questions on Air Conditioners from the readers?

Yes, of course, anytime!

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