Interview with Varsha Grover of HER CHOICE

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, my name is Varsha Grover. Married and have a son. I have done a diploma in fashion designing. I run a women salwar kameez garment store along with my parents. I always loved clothes and colors. I feel very happy to work in a place surrounded by them.

How did you get into this business of designing clothes for women and not for men?

HER CHOICE was started in the year 1982. That was the time when salwar kameez was introduced in the South Indian market. My parents saw this opportunity and ventured into it as they knew a lot about fabrics. My mom was well versed in stitching ladies garments. So that's how I grew up. My parents taught me a lot about this business. I learned to choose the designs from my dad and learned to stitch from my mom. I didn't do men's garment because I felt there was a lot of scope in women's clothing. I don't mean that it is not there in men's clothing, but with women's clothing, we have a lot of variety and designs to choose from. 

How long have you been helping your parents in this business?

I worked with my parents for 5years before I got married. And after a break of 4yrs, I joined back with a promise to not to quit.

Have you learned all the tricks of the trade to run this business successfully in the future?

Have I learned all the tricks? Well, no. But I am getting there, and soon. I am very confident that I would run this business successfully.

So you mean you are ready to take over the business and give them their retirement?

'Retirement' is not a word that I could associate with my mom. If the decision is left to her then she would make me take retirement and she would continue working. Plus it would be impossible for me to let them go. With me around they find more time to relax and to travel. 

What is the best and worst part of running a family owned business?

The best part of running a family business is that I am allowed to bring in new ideas and experiment with them without any fear of being judged on the outcome of the experiment. I wouldn't say that this is the worst part, but it is very challenging to work in a family business because I have to strive hard to keep up the standard and the reputation of the brand that was built as well as the respect that the family earned from our customers over the years.

How is the support you get from your immediate family members? Can you explain a bit with an example?

My family has always supported me. My strongest pillar is my husband. I am very proud of him. He was the one who urged me to get back in the business. He turned a shy woman into a confident one. His trust and belief in me made it easier for me to start working again. I feel so grateful about that. Not all aspiring business women get this kind of support from her better half. 

Which woman business person has influenced you?

There is only one business woman who has always influenced me and that is my 'MOM'. I always look up at her with great respect. Today I am so happy that I get to learn and work beside the woman I idolize. When a customer tells me that I do business just like my Mom, I feel that it is the best compliment.

Which part of the year is your busiest? why?

Our busiest year is from August to January, as it is the festival season.  Also, we have our annual sale that we put up just 20 days before Diwali.

What is the specialty of "Her Choice" that women don't find in any other women's clothing store?

At Her Choice, we believe in valuing our customers. We try to give the best of everything. We never compromise on the quality of our fabric, the stitching of a dress, the before and after-sales service to our customers. We don't leave any stone unturned to make our customers comfortable and satisfied.

We even do facetime to our customers who live abroad. They choose their stuff and do an online transaction of payment. Then we courier their clothes to them.

Our designs cater to all age groups. We have traditional as well as contemporary stuff. We have wedding wear, evening gowns, and casual wear. If our customers come to us with a picture in their mind then we try our level best to bring the picture into reality. :)

Our staffs are like a part of our family. They have been with us for as long as I can remember.

Where are you located and how can a customer contact you?

We are located at the below address:


Our contact numbers are (044)-24983023, 42108363, 7358048012
We are open from 10.30am to 8.30pm 7 days a week.

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