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Can you give a small intro about yourself?

A passionate photographer, with encouragement from my family, I , Swetha Gupta have turned my passion into profession. I am a creative person with a lot of dreams.

How did you get into this profession? What is YOUR story?

It all started off with early morning drives with my husband on weekends to capture the mesmerising beauty of sunrise. Capturing nature’s calmness and serenity gave me a clear vision as to what I wanted to do. The confidence and support given by family and friends, strengthened my belief that I have chosen the right path- “Photography” 

Have you done a photography course? Where?

These days online is a huge platform for anyone starting afresh. I learnt a lot by joining a photography group on Facebook called Wide Angle. This was started by a group of friends who conducted a lot of photo-walks and workshops from which I have benefited a lot.

What type of a person can become a photographer? 

Photography is not just about picking the camera and going Photography is a way of conveying a message silently. A person who sees beauty in the smallest of things definitely has an eye for photography.

Which photographer has influenced you?  Have you met them in person?

A lot of photographers specialising in their genre of photography whom I seriously follow are Mr.Prabhakaran, Mr.Sudhir Shivaram, Jassi OberoiCapt.Suresh Sharma and many more. 

I have been to a lot photo-walks with Prabha Sir and attended Sudhir Sir’s workshop. 

What message do you convey in your photographs?

I truly believe that candid shots are the best. Let it be a bird flying, a baby playing, a person reading, their true emotions are reflected when they know they aren’t watched. So my message is “be yourself” because you are at your best when you are yourself. 

What technology, camera gear do you use and what would you suggest an aspiring photographer could try his/her hand on as a starter?

I started eight years ago with an advanced compact camera, Canon SX20. Soon I bought my first DSLR-Canon 550D with the kit lens 18-55mm along with the telephoto for bird/wildlife photography Canon 70-300 IS USM. Added to the list later on was the humble Canon 50mm 1.8 for my candid shots. Next on my wish list is the fully professional Canon 5D Mark III and a good lens.

   For a beginner, I would suggest a good advanced compact camera as it has unlimited possibilities right from Macro, landscapes, portraits, wildlife, birds, street and many more. This enables you to explore the genre that would interest you and then invest in the appropriate gear best suited for that genre. 

Would you like to share two of your favorite photos?

A sunrise shot taken at a random beach on ECR. 


A candid shot of my son’s friend.

What is the best part of being a woman photographer?

The best part of being a woman photographer is that the other women are at ease with me. And when people are at ease, the photographs come out natural.

What is your favorite film of all time, just for the camera work?

Dil Chahta hai and Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara are the ones I can remember now. L:ove them for the simplicity.

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