Interview with Digital Marketing and Analytics Professional

Abdul Malick has more than 8 years of experience in the Digital Marketing world. He has served his clients to build and grow their business online with his expertise on SEO, SEM, Social Media, Web Analytics, ORM, Web Development and Email Marketing. 

Read his replies to my questions on SEO, why is it necessary for a business growth and what he actually does to help his clients in the process.

What is SEO?

In general, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process which improves the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine through natural/organic results. According to our works on SEO, it’s the technique for creating branding or marketing businesses through search engines.

Why do you advise a business owner to optimize his/her website for search engines?

Optimizing a business's website is a very important factor in this competitive world. Because the ultimate goal and the bottom line of a business are high revenue. To achieve that they have to build their brand value online. The increase in brand value, in turn, improving the market range which can be brought out only by optimizing his/her website.

Do you have any serious SEO strategy for your clients? Can you give us an overview of your strategy?

Yes, I do follow some strategic SEO process for my clients depending on their business needs. I generally focus more on technical SEO than on just bringing keywords on top position. The strategic process also includes generating leads, creating branding through the search engine and figuring out the business keywords.

Will you send periodical tracking reports to clients about the changes in the website?

Yes. I send periodic reports, monthly (or weekly) depending on the clients and their need. I keep them informed of the traffic statistics, business analysis and webmaster reports based on the changes in the site.

Do you think it is mandatory, for any SEO consultant, to follow Google’s best practices?

Yes, of course, one should follow all the updates from google, particularly white hat techniques.

What are the tools used for your service?

There are a wide variety of tools available for smart SEO works. I commonly make use of Google webmaster, Bing webmaster, google keyword planner, Google insights, Moz site explorer, WOO Rank, Xenu, screaming frog, SEMrush and so on.

What is the type of SEO works you do?

I work on International SEO targeting, local SEO targeting, e-commerce and multi-lingual SEO.

Can you guarantee your customers that their site will rank #1 for a major search term? 

Not at all. According to the consulting strategy works I understand no consultant can assure #1 position. My focus is more on works to increase targeted traffic. 

How often do you report on your work, and what will it look like?

The reports are updated periodically depending on the clients. That may be monthly or weekly.The report will include: Business Analysis, Site Audit, Search Analytics, Webmaster Reports and traffic statistics.

Are you up to date with the latest Google algorithm changes?

Yes, I do closely follow-up with google and top SEO/digital blogs and google algorithm updates. 

Which metrics do you track and how do you determine your success?

As I already mentioned earlier, my main focus is on technical SEO so my tracking is mostly based on google analytic for the engagement and conversion metrics with respect to the goal set for the client. 

Can you share some of your past clients and their results or some testimonials?

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, it had been a great privilege to work with clients from different types of businesses like Matrimonial website, E-learning, products, Service industry, Manufacturing and Technology. Each and every type of industry was a source of experience and helped me to know the strategic working methods with a sharp focus on positive results.

As a consultant obviously a satisfied client is my success.

Dr. M.S. Mohammed Sadiq Sait MBA., M.Phil., Ph.D
Co-Founder of uLektz and Sr. VP at AEL Data Services

Abdul is a reliable, focused and hardworking team player. His knowledge and skills in the areas of SEO and Internet Marketing are commendable. He knows the implications of one event, versus the results of it, is not occurring. Thus, he is able to do what is ultimately best to bring in good results.

Atreya Tiwari
Director Events at The Entertainment Space

" Abdul is an amazing SEO Analyst I have ever come across. We have worked on different projects and his creativity is amazing. He is altogether a package which no company will say no too.

Dr.M.Suriya Narayana Moorthy
Delivery Head - Content at AEL Data

I know Abdul since last year when he joined at WHBS as SEO analyst, he love his job and passionate about getting things done in his field of expertise from his colleagues. He moves in a friendly way with everyone in the organization and builds a good team within a short span. His insight knowledge in Web marketing is amazing and I perceive he could reach greater heights in Web technology. I wish him success in his entire future endeavor.

Peter Claridge
Manager - Global Markets for Unmetric

Abdul was one of the smartest SEO analysts that I had the pleasure to manage and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and constant drive to improve his SEO / SEM skills. Abdul brings knowledge, experience, innovation and an analytical mind to the table and can comfortably manage large teams of SEO analysts.

Abdul Malick
Phone: +91-99942 04540
Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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