How to add a 'Contact Form' to your Blog?

There are many websites from which we can build a contact form for free. No coding knowledge is necessary. This is a great help to the like of us, who have less or very limited knowledge of coding.

I used the website 123ContactForm to build a contact form for my blog. If you have a contact form on your website or in your blog, it would be easy for the visitors to your website or blog to contact you when they need your assistance or any information. And when building a contact form is free and easy, then why should we not use it to grow our business?

I will give you the steps here to build a simple contact form.

Step 1: Create New Form

After opening a user account in the website, Go to the Dashboard and click on Create New Form

Step2: Select your Form

Click on "Contact & Lead Form" in the next screen.

Step 3: Name your Contact Form

Enter the name of your Form in the next screen. I have given my form name as "Contact Uma" to differentiate from other forms that I have created for my clients. 123contactform lets a user build 5 forms for free. 

Step 4: Edit the Fields of your Contact Form

I have edited the Name to read as "Your Name", Email to "Your Email id", Message to "How can I help you?" and finally "Submit" to "Send to Uma" to get a more personal conversation with my blog visitor. I suggest you have a very simple contact form in your blog for your visitors to write to you. Asking for too many information will have a negative impact.

Step 5: Get the Contact Form Code

Once you are done editing with your form fields, click on "Publish" at the top and select "Blogger" from the drop down list.

Step 6: Add the Contact Form in your Blog

Copy the code inside the box below the heading Blogger. 

Go to the compose window of your post or page, click on  "HTML" and paste the copied form code inside the window. Save your post and you are done. Now you can see the form in your blog. 

I have pasted inside the HTML window of my Page "Contact Uma"

This is how the contact form looks  in my "Contact Uma" Page.

Step 7: Test your "Contact Form"

You can test your contact form by sending a test message to yourself. 

I sent a test message to myself and boom, I got an email alert to my email id.

Step 8: Customize your "Thank You" message after form submission.

You can edit the default thank you message and have your own personalized thank you message after the form submission. To customize your "Thank You" message, click on "Notifications" from the drop down list of "Settings".

Scroll down to "Thank You Page and Redirects" under the subheading "Form User Options (Sender)" and edit the message. DO NOT forget to click on "Save Changes" button at the top right corner once you complete editing your Thank You message.

There is a much easier way to add a contact form to your blog even without leaving your blog. But here you don't have the option to edit the field names. 

You can use the "Add a gadget" option to select "Contact Form" from the gadget list to add a simple contact form to the sidebar.

If you want to know how to do that, you can refer this blog -  

Haven't you added your contact form yet? Don't hesitate to write to me, if you need any help.


For Your Growth!
Uma Mahi :)

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