3 Reasons to Add Images to Your Blog Post

1. For a better understanding:

A picture is worth a thousand words. (Refer the second image below). So if you use images in your blog post to explain more complex information, it would be easy for your readers to understand them quickly.

2. Sharing Blog Post in Social Media:

Adding images to your blog post, will be very helpful to you, when you share your blog post in the Social Media Websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. You and I know that picture speak MORE than the texts. And attracting the attention of your readers would be much easier using an image rather than few words.

For example, look at the screen shot below to see how I have shared my previous blog post in my Facebook Business Page I Run A Small Business In Chennai.

This is how I have shared another blog post on my Twitter account.

3. Visual Appeal 

Your blog post looks visually appealing when you have an image inserted in it. You should always choose an image related to the content of your blog post.

So, now you know why should you use Images for your blog post. You can always create your own images or use the ones that are available for free on the Internet. There are a few websites that allow users to make use of their images for free. Some of the websites ask you to give credits to the owners of the images. Few websites offer even higher resolution images for free. 


For Your Growth!
Uma Mahi :)

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