How to Choose Labels for Your Blog Post?

In this post, I will show you how you can choose the keywords for 'Labels' and why should you choose them.

What are Labels in Blogger?

Labels are used to categorize your blog posts. When your blog posts are grouped into different categories, then it would be easy for your readers to find your other posts that are related to their searches.

I will show you with an example:

Let us assume that a reader has landed in this blog post after he searched for articles using the keyword 'how to build customer relationship' - Building Customer Relationships OnlineThe labels for this blog post are shown below the post, by default. So when the reader complete reading the post he can see these labels (keywords) and would click on any of these keywords to read more posts on the same topic/ category. 

How should you choose Labels for your Blog post?

You should choose those keywords that reflect the subject of your blog post. The more relevant Labels (keywords) you choose, the more your readers find your blog posts useful. By doing so you can retain their interests in your blog.

The labels should be separated with a comma. If you have already used a few labels in your former blog posts, then those keywords would be listed below the text box, as you can see in the above image. You can just click on those keywords if you want to use the same keywords again for your present blog post.

You can have a maximum of 2,000 labels per blog and 20 per blog post.

Why should you choose relevant Labels for your Blog post?

If you don't choose relevant keywords for your blog posts, then you will lose the interest of your readers.These keywords are the ones they have used in their searches to find information. When they don't find any relevant information that they are looking for in your blog post they would quickly leave your blog and look for other blogs or websites.  

For example, Assume that I have given  "customer relationship" as a Label for this postBlog Title References for Your New Blog. If a reader has landed in this blog post while he was searching for information on "customer relationship", he would find this blog post useless. And quite naturally he will leave the blog immediately after reading the title of the Blog post.

Instead if he has landed in that blog post searching for information on "Blog title ideas", then he would find the blog post helpful and read it. 

These are the Labels that I thought would be relevant to that post. 

There are tools that you can add to your blog to give more prominence to the keywords. If you look at the right sidebar of this Blog, then you will see the "Labels" widget below the "Follow by Email" and above the "Blog Archive".

Make use of the 'Labels' effectively and grow your Blog readership.

I will teach you how to add the Label widget in the sidebar of your blog, later in this series. If you want to learn to add it immediately, then please feel free to write to me. I will be more than happy to help you.

Do you think I could add more Labels for this post? Please leave your thoughts in the comment below.


For Your Growth!
Uma Mahi :)

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