Building Customer Relationships Online

The most important factor for any business to grow is to build a good relationship with its clients.

Why should you build customer relationship?

  • To gain trust
The first step to building relationship in business is to gain the trust of the prospective clients. How could you gain the trust?  By letting them know that you have a thorough knowledge of your business and that you will be able to lead them to make the right decision on their purchase. They start trusting you only when they know that you intend to give good service to them. Make sure your website, your articles, your webinars and other events are loaded with enough information about your products and/or services that would help them to make right decisions.
  • To get loyal customers/ followers
They become your loyal followers/customers when they know that you are honest about your products and/or services. You would come across clients that look up to you to get information about other products and/or services that you don't even offer. They look up to you because of your openness.
  • To get referrals
When they know that they can trust you, they don't think twice before referring your service to their friends, family, and acquaintances.
  • To get benefited
You get benefited in more than one way by building a relationship, getting loyal followers and good referrals. You get a chance to leverage other people's success.

How could you build the relationship?

  •  Give and Share Useful information
The information that you give in your website and share in your blogs, articles, and social media accounts should be useful for your prospective clients.When they find great useful information, they don't hesitate to share that information with THEIR friends and acquaintances. Your business reaches a wider audience. Your business gets more exposure.
  • Share your success secrets
Share the tips, your experiences, your lessons learned and your secrets through online events like webinars, google hangout etc
  • Give Incentives
    • to your referrers 
    • on public special occasions such as New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc
    • on personal events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc

Listen to  what Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Author of Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed says about using Incentives in your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

  • Stay in touch
Cultivate the habit of staying in touch with your prospective clients. Be personable, everybody love that. Share their achievements and success stories in your social media accounts and your events. Thank them whenever they share your story with their friends and acquaintances. Publicize their success to YOUR followers.

Avenues to build customer relationships online

  • Your Website
  • Your Blog
  • Guest Blog
  • Online Discussion Forums
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Online MeetUps
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google Hangout

How about sharing your customer relationship experience? Please take a moment to share your story.

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