Blog Title References for Your New Blog

Thanks for coming here. I know you are here to give some work to your brain to come up with new names for your new blog.

I have compiled a list of blog links with their names in the URL, from different categories for you. Hope this helps.

Carpentry Blogs:

Jewelry Making Blogs:

Painting Blogs:

Arts & Crafts Blogs:

If you still want more names, then you can just use google to search. The one important information that I would like to share here is, when you see a link for a blog with extensions such as .com, .in and .org then they are not free. They are paid websites with an inbuilt blog. 

For example: 

So, the extensions with or is free. Others are paid websites with a blog set up.

Now that you have set up a blog with a simple and creative Title, start posting! YAY!.

If you haven't started to create a blog yet and if you want to know how to create a blog then please follow these 7 Easy Steps to Create a New Blog

I would feel really happy if you take a minute to come back here and leave your blog name (blog link) in the comment if this list helped you to come up with the new creative blog name for your blog.

As always, please do write to me, if you need more help. I will get back to you ASAP.

Happy Blogging!

For Your Growth :)
Uma Mahi

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