Why Should You Write Blogs?

Is this YOU:

  • You are an expert. 
  • You know how to do things in a much easier way
  • You are willing to share your knowledge with the world.
  • You are a people person
  • You feel happy when people come to you for help

If that is what who you are, then you are the right person to start a Blog to grow your business. If you are thinking how publishing posts on my blog could actually bring more business, then I would like to tell you publishing posts that have value could actually bring more visitors to your blog. All you need to make sure is to give useful information to your readers. When you give valuable content to your readers regularly, then you will get regular and repeated visitors to your blog. So content is the 'King' and consistent is the 'Key'. When you publish content-rich articles, regularly, that could actually be put to use to get results, then you will see a considerable increase in the number of visitors to your Blog. 

My Story:

I was not publishing posts regularly both in this professional blog as well as my personal blog. I know this is not going to help me to grow my business. So I have made a promise to myself that I am going to publish one blog post every week that could actually put to use by small business people to bring their business to The Internet and to get more clients.

Last year I came across individual entrepreneurs like real estate agents, insurance agents, carpenters, accountants, physiotherapists who wanted to get more clients. They have their own businesses running successfully in the real world. Now they have learned that the Internet has a world of opportunities to grow their business and they want to bring their business to the Virtual World.  

About Them

Most of them are not internet savvy persons. Some have heard about Internet Marketing, Blogging, Online advertisements and more. But they need some real help to take their hands and guide them step by step. Many are interested in blogging and social media. So am going to dedicate one blog post a week, just for the beginners. 

Therefore, I have given the step by step instructions to create a new blog here

If you are a first time visitor, a real estate agent, an Insurance agent, carpenter, painter or any service provider AND if you don't have a blog for your business, then please add me to your Google Plus Circles and get my blog updates as and when it is published.

See you soon.

For your growth :)

Uma Mahi.

Image courtesy:  cooldesign from freedigitalphotos.net

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