How Not to Build Your Customer Relationship

There is a Super Market that has been recently opened in Sankar Nagar, Gandhi Main Road, Pammal. When my brother first bought a pack of Huggies (Size - Medium, limited available item) from this Super Market, I was so impressed by their plastic carry bag. No, it was not a bio-degradable one. It had their landline contact number, mobile number as well as their email id. I haven't seen any local shops having their own carry bag printed for their customers. Having their own carry bag AND their contact information printed on their carry bag showed that they are really serious about their business.

I love eating healthy food. I make sure that my family also eat healthy and nutritious food. So, I wanted to know whether this shop had the Almonds by 'Wondeful', our favorite 'the in-between' snack. I wrote them an email asking for the different brands of Almonds that are available in their shop on 28th July 2015 and I waited for two days. I went to the shop for the first time, on the third day. It was very small in size to serve such a big community.

I bought a few items. I was  not so impressed by the variety of products and the way the products were displayed, on the shelves. It clearly showed that the owner of the supermarket didn't do any homework before opening this shop.

After paying for the items, I asked a sales person for the Manager. He was sitting in his cubicle and was attending to someone. When the sales person took me near to the Manager's cubicle, someone else entered into his cabin and the one who was sitting inside walked out. I turned to the sales person and said,"Let me not disturb him if he is busy. You can just tell him that I sent an email two days earlier and didn't receive any reply till this day."

I didn't receive any reply till date. Isn't this a great example of poor customer relationship?

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